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CR 55 4-way


Truck mounted forklifts are the choice for many different applications that need to get their products delivered around the job site. FRF proudly offers the Palfinger truck mounted forklifts. This lineup consists of the following models GT50, GT55, GT55HP, GT55 PalReach, CR55 4-Way, and CR65, and ranges in size from a 5,000 lb capacity to a 6,500 lb capacity. The CR55 4-Way operates like a regular truck mounted forklift with the added feature of sideways travel to handle long length loads. The GT55 PalReach has the ability to lift from the far side of the deck allowing for off-loading from one side of the truck. Whether it is a straight truck or trailer package, end of frame mount, or top mount we can offer a unit that is right for you.